Walking and cycling improvements in Windsor supporting sustainable and healthy travel options

Cllr Geoff Hill with the widened cycle tracks under the railway arches at the end of Barry Avenue, which can be used by new larger bikes, such as adapted and cargo bikes

Improvements to make walking and cycling safer and more attractive for short journeys to and from Windsor town centre and Windsor Leisure Centre have been completed.

Work was undertaken to parts of Barry Avenue and Stovell Road, between the Royal Windsor Way underpass and the railway arches, as part of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead’s drive to support sustainable travel options, healthy lifestyles and reduce the reliance on cars for short journeys.

The area is a popular route for residents to access the town and its surrounding facilities, and the improvements include:

•    Widening footways and straightening up foot crossings, for improved pedestrian comfort and accessibility 
•    Slightly widening the cycle tracks under the railway arches, so they can be used by new larger bikes, such as adapted and cargo bikes
•    Changing traffic priorities at two junctions and introducing raised ‘table’ features to slow traffic
•    Introducing continuous footways over car park entrances.

The investment followed a public consultation last year where almost 70% of respondents supported the main proposals.

When the council consulted on the original plans, requests were received to reduce the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph for streets in this area. A separate consultation was held on proposals to reduce the speed limit on Stovell Road, Duke Street, Vansittart Road, from Arthur Road to Stovell Road, and Barry Avenue, from Stovell Road to the railway arches.

These proposals have also been supported by the majority of respondents and the new speed limit will come into effect later this year.

Signage would be introduced, supported by the existing and recently introduced traffic calming measures in this area.

Councillor Geoff Hill, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “I’m pleased to see these improvements implemented and I hope that they will be welcomed by both walkers and cyclists. The widened footways and cycle tracks in particular provide improved accessibility for our residents, whether they’re on foot, or travelling by bike.

“This investment helps make walking and cycling safer, more attractive and convenient for short, everyday journeys between Windsor’s residential areas and the town centre and leisure centre. Empowering more people to reduce their reliance on vehicles for short journeys where possible, not only supports our work to address climate change, but gives our residents the facilities to improve their health and wellbeing.”