Maidenhead Town Team volunteers step up for replanting

Town team members, Councillor Jack Douglas, left, and Andrew Ingram, pictured cleaning a planter as a test in advance of the clean-up on 16 March.

Planters in Maidenhead will be given a much-needed clean by volunteers from the Maidenhead Town Team.

They will be hitting the streets on Saturday 16 March, between 9am and midday, to ready the empty planters, removing rubbish and graffiti ahead of replanting set to take place later in the month.

The replanting will be the team’s first project and has been organised in partnership with Braywick Heath Nurseries, which will be providing plants and expertise for the project.

Councillor Simon Werner, the leader of the council and cabinet member for community partnerships, public protection and Maidenhead, said: “The Maidenhead Town Team will be leading on activities and projects that will benefit the users of the town and enhancing its vitality and attractiveness for both residents and visitors.

“Having these planters ready to be used once again and provide a burst of colour for our town during the spring and summer months, I’m sure will be welcomed by everyone. My thanks to the town team volunteers for taking this project on.”

Councillor Jack Douglas, one of the Maidenhead Town Team volunteers, said: “I’m delighted that long-neglected planters are going to be helping the town centre look more attractive again. We are very grateful that the Town Manager has secured a grant towards this work, and we are gearing up to start the planting.”

Robyn Bunyan, who is the council’s Maidenhead Town Manager, and who organises the Town Team, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Braywick Heath Nurseries who are providing the plants and the expertise for the project. This is just one of the great ideas put forward by the Town Team volunteers and we hope plenty more will come through in the coming months.”

The Maidenhead Town Team is open to all. To get involved with the clean-up and planting, or other Town Team projects, sign up to the newsletter here.

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