Have your say on proposals to help improve road safety in Maidenhead neighbourhood

A visual of the junction at Cookham Road, Cordwallis Road and St Luke's Road, Maidenhead showing a continuous pavement crossing.

Residents are being asked for their views on proposals to help improve road safety on several streets in Maidenhead.

A four-week consultation has launched today on proposals for Norfolk Park, a neighbourhood north of Maidenhead town centre and Kidwells Park, and people have until Sunday 12 May to respond. For more information and to take part, visit, https://rbwmtogether.rbwm.gov.uk/norfolk-park-improvements

The council wants to hear feedback on proposals to introduce traffic calming at four of the entry and exit points to the neighbourhood. The specific measures proposed are continuous pavement crossings for pedestrians across the roads, which will help to prioritise those on foot over traffic and help to reduce the speed vehicles approach the junctions and turn into the streets. All entrances/exits to the neighbourhood will remain open to vehicles under the project.

These would be at the junction of the B4447 Cookham Road and Australia Avenue, the junction of Cookham Road, Cordwallis Road and St Luke’s Road, the junction of the A308 and Norfolk Road, and at the junction of the A308 and St Luke’s Road.

As part of the consultation, the council is also seeking residents’ views on whether they would support the introduction of a 20mph limit in the neighbourhood. This would be on the following roads: Australia Avenue, Cordwallis Road, Norfolk Road, St Luke’s Road, Norfolk Park Cottages, Risborough Road, Denmark Street, Cordwallis Street, Vicarage Road, Fairford Road and a southern section of Clivemont Road near the junction of Cordwallis Road, before the industrial estate.

The proposals come in response to resident feedback around speeding and rat-running in the area.

Councillor Geoff Hill, Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “These proposals have been developed in response to feedback from residents living in these streets, seeking to address the issues they have raised with us, and we’d now like to hear your views on these detailed proposals. We want the solutions we have proposed to be effective, and supported by those living locally, so please do take the time to tell us what you think.

“The idea is for motorists to feel as if they are coming off the main road network and entering a residential area. We hope that these proposals will make the neighbourhood a safer and more pleasant place to be, as well as making it easier to make journeys to local schools, other community facilities and the town centre on foot and by bike. Empowering more people to reduce their reliance on vehicles for short journeys not only supports our work to address climate change but gives our residents the facilities to improve their health and wellbeing.”

Responses will be carefully considered before any decisions are made. If you don’t have online access, you are welcome to use the public-access computers available at all local libraries, where staff are happy to help you get online if needed. Paper copies of the consultation form, and associated documents, are also available from all Royal Borough libraries upon request.