Ockwells Park


Size: 181,094 sqm/ 18.1 hectares
A walk around the perimeter of this park will contribute 3,224 steps to the advised 10,000 daily steps recommended to improve fitness.

BBQs are not permitted in any of the parks and open spaces.

Location and access details

Ockwells Road, Cox Green SL6 3AA


Ockwells Park

Ockwells park play equipment
  • Play Area with equipment suitable for 3 - 16 year olds
  • Toilets
  • Car Parking
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Cafe
Features and Events

Ockwells Play Area Refurbishment

In November 2020 the play area at Ockwells was refurbished with new play equipment. The aim was to provide a variety of play options for a wider age range of children. While the smaller equipment was added in the turfed area near the new picnic benches, the bigger composite play kit called ‘The Lycee’ replaced the old climbing frame in the mulched area.

The Lycee combination is fully certified to the latest European EN 1176 safety standard and has been inspected and passed post installation.

UniPlay combination is to provide a range of challenges to different ability of users. The lower section providing some ‘easier’ activities, while the tall section with the long tube slide provides the highest challenge. The intension of the climbing blocks type access is to provide a ‘challenging’ interface between the two parts. It is also important that less able users cannot ‘easily’ reach the high tube slide sections, where they would be much more difficult to supervise adequately. This play equipment has being designed for an age range of 5-12yrs olds in mind to improve their sensory , motor and decision making skills. It allows the child to remain interested in the kit for longer period of time allowing access to different levels on the kit as their abilities increase. 

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Some of the park was once part of the Ockwells Manor Estate. You can see the Manor to the west of the park. The original Manor House was built in the 15th century with wood from oak trees grown in Windsor Forest, which at the time stretched as far as this park.
Ockwells Park was opened to the public in the 1980s and now includes a large play area and sports pitches for softball and baseball.


Conservation area and circular walk with information boards on wildlife and plants

The paths and nature trail around the park allow you to explore the areas of woodland, meadow and copses, which are now a Local Nature Reserve. Here you can see many interesting plants, insects and birds.

Jubilee Wood

This is a joint venture with the Royal Borough and the Woodland Trust's Jubilee Wood Project.

Local community groups braved the cold weather and sticky mud to join in and help plant a Jubilee Wood at Ockwells Park in Maidenhead. The Woodland Trust donated 1,000 trees including Aspen, Crab apple, dog roses, Field maples, Hawthorn, Hornbeam, Lime and Oaks. Around 800 of the trees were planted, supported with canes and tubes to protect them and coir matting and mulch to prevent weeds and retain moisture. A huge thank you goes to the hardy volunteer groups and residents who came along on the 1st & 2nd December 2012 including Brownies, Scouts, Cubs and the tree wardens.

Further plantings of the Jubilee Wood took place during January and February 2013.

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Seasonal horse riding at Thriftwood extension to Ockwells Park

Following a successful trial in 2022 this horse-riding access is set to continue!  Linking to an existing bridleway, the route helps increase the amount of safe off-road access for local horse riders. Find out more.

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