Baths Island and Promenade


Size: 44,091 sq m/ 4.4 hectares
A walk around the perimeter of this park will contribute 3,400 steps to the advised 10,000 daily steps recommended to improve fitness.

BBQs are not permitted in any of the parks and open spaces.

Location and access details

off Stovell Road, Windsor, Berkshire - by Windsor Leisure Centre

  • Picnic Tables are available for public use
  • No toilets

Baths Island is so named as it was indeed the town's swimming baths noted on maps as early as the 1860s. Subsequently the banks were concrete lined, the islands joined and hand rails fitted along the waterline, probably in the 1930s and changing rooms erected adjacent to the railway arches.

Just a little way upstream is Brunel's famous Bowstring Bridge, carrying the Great Western Railway on the branch line from Slough to Windsor on an extended series of brick arches, one of the longest such brick viaducts anywhere in the world and originally constructed in wood when the railway first arrived in 1849.

A plaque has been erected on Baths Island adjacent to Brunel's Bridge giving details. Brunel's bridge, the oldest wrought iron bridge still in service, is a unique example of Industrial archaeology.

Today the island is a public open space which can be enjoyed by everyone.

60th Anniversary of The Queen's Coronation Arch

One of the six arches that stood in the Long Walk as part of the Rose & Horticultural Society's 2013 summer show that marked the 60th Anniversary of the Queen's Coronation was being relocated in October 2013 to stand in the Pleasure Gardens area of Windsor.


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