Privacy notice : Maidenhead Resident Survey

Who we are

Transformation and Business System Team, 
Town Hall, St Ives Road, 
Maidenhead, SL6 1RF.  

Lawful basis for processing information

We are running a  Maidenhead Resident Survey as part of the wider Maidenhead Embedding Community Response project. Residents are asked to voluntarily participate in this survey as part of the project and we rely on your consent to process your personal data for this purpose. 

Our lawful basis for processing your personal data is in accordance with Articles 6 (1)(a) and 9 (2)(a) of the UK General Data Protection Regulation. 

How we collect information

The Maidenhead Embedding Community Response project is a community-led initiative. The project has five different subgroups that are based on different themes such as health and wellbeing and physical environment. Each group consists of local organisations, residents, council members that meet up regularly to discuss the needs of Maidenhead in terms of the subgroup themes and project ideas that will address these needs.

The number of residents attending the subgroup meetings have been low across the whole project, so we have not been able to accurately gauge the views and needs of the community. The survey will help us gain a better insight into the types of projects that will be most beneficial to residents.

Your views are provided directly by you when you consent to participate in our online survey via the RBWM Together platform. 

What information is collected

The personal data we collect about you via the online survey is your name, age, ethnicity, email address and postcode. We ask for your views on the most important community services to you, what you like about living in Maidenhead and what you feel is missing from Maidenhead. We also ask for the details of any community groups you are involved in and what you think the impact of COVID-19 has been on the local area. 

How we use the information provided

Survey responses will inform the project ideas and discussions that come out of the Maidenhead Embedding Community Response project and give us an insight into the needs and existing resources in the community. 

The personal data will be used to identify which groups in particular are engaging with the project and any correlation between their demographics and the data. 

Who has access to the information about you

Personal information will not be shared beyond the Transformation team. 

Who we may share your information with

Personal data which can be attributed to individuals will not be shared any further than the Transformation team for the purposes of running the survey. Anonymised survey results may be passed onto the council’s Public Health team and the NHS’ Clinical Care Group (CCG) for further analysis. 

How long we store your information

Your personal data will be retained by the Transformation team for one year from the date you complete the survey via the RBWM Together platform.

Does your service utilise automated decision making? – No