Here to Help

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Households in the UK are facing increases in the cost of living, due to a combination of rising inflation, energy bill increases, and National Insurance rises. Increases in prices are being further exacerbated by international events such as the war in Ukraine. 

If you are struggling financially, then please seek help early. You can find out about the support available by exploring our Here to Help pages. Here to Help brings together a summary of available cost of living support in the Royal Borough, including information about national government schemes, council initiatives, and community and voluntary sector support. Links to different types of information and support are set out below.

For more information about Here to Help, visit our updated pages on RBWM Together website.

You can also find out about support local to you. 

Citizens Advice also provides information and advice if you're struggling with living costs, and the Government has produced this living costs information.

Community Support - Local charities, groups, and partners

Our borough has a thriving Voluntary and Community Sector, which plays a crucial role in supporting local communities. A wide range of voluntary organisations and community groups provide advice, assistance, and practical support to residents. 

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead is working with local charities, groups, and partners to help those who need additional advice, assistance, and support. This is not an alternative to social services; this network exists to provide additional support.

If you are struggling, please try and take the time to look at the information. However, you can always go to your nearest library where someone would be happy to help you.

Our libraries are safe spaces for the community. During opening hours, people are welcome to use library facilities, use the public-access computers and speak with a librarian for advice around cost of living support and/or getting online.

Another good point of call is our VCS partner Citizens Advice, who can be contacted via freephone on 0808 278 7914. They exist to help solve life’s problems by providing free, impartial, confidential and independent advice and information to everyone.

Please visit Citizens Advice East Berkshire’s website to find out more.

Citizens Advice is one of many of our great partner organisations. For more information on the wealth of voluntary organisations and community organisations in the borough, please see our Community Information Hub.

We are proud that in the Royal Borough, our communities pull together to support each other through difficult times. Most of this support takes place informally, through neighbours helping each other out and offering friendship.

If you would like to volunteer, and offer help to the wider community, please email Also please see our advice on How to be a good neighbour in times of need.