Volunteering in the library

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Library volunteers are beacons in the communities our local libraries are located within. Volunteers are vital in helping libraries extend the activities on offer.

If you want to do something rewarding in your free time, you can come and help support the range of activities set up to benefit residents in the community. Additionally, if you have an idea for an activity that you’d like to run in the library for the benefit of the local community, tell us about it and we can work together to help make it happen. The Libraries offer opportunities to share your skills and learn new ones. 

The Library is also a great place for young people to volunteer during the summer school holidays. The summer reading challenge offers opportunities to gain work relevant experience to build CVs, communication, self-organisation skills and boost self-confidence.  

Join us at the Library to support the library service that you care about.

Talk to us about volunteering at the Library

Thinking about becoming a volunteer, why not get in touch with us about volunteering in a local library.


Telephone: 01628 796969