Housing benefit and council tax support

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If you pay rent and/or Council Tax for your home and you live on a low income, you may be eligible for some help by claiming benefit.

Housing Benefit

This is help towards paying the rent for your home. Most working age people now need to apply for Universal Credit for help with their rental costs, but in some cases you can claim Housing Benefit if you rent from a housing association or a private landlord, or if you have been placed into temporary accommodation. Housing Benefit is means tested, which means it is calculated by taking into account your income, capital and household circumstances.

Please note that, in accordance with the Social Security (Civil Penalties) Regulations 2012, you may be subject to a fine if you fail to advise us of a change in circumstances and this leads to an overpayment.

Council Tax Support

This is help towards paying your annual Council Tax bill. You can make a claim for Council Tax Support if you are the liable person. This is the person who receives the Council Tax bill. Council Tax Support is means tested, which means it is calculated by taking into account your income, capital and household circumstances based on the local Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

Second Adult Rebate (SAR)

This is help towards paying your annual Council Tax bill. If you don't live with a partner (or your partner is disregarded for Council Tax purposes) and there are other adults that live with you in your home, you can make a claim for Second Adult Rebate. SAR is based on the income and circumstance of those other adults. It is not possible to receive both Council Tax Support and Second Adult Rebate.

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Acceptable forms of evidence

In some cases more than one form of evidence will be required.


  • Passport;      
  • Certificate of employment HM forces;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Certificate of employment Merchant Navy;    
  • Driving licence;       
  • UK residence permit;    
  • Marriage certificate;    
  • EU member state identity card.    

Residency and rent

  • Tenancy agreement;
  • Rent book;
  • Letter from landlord and/or agent;
  • Rent account/housing department records.  


  • Wage slips;
  • Letter from employer;
  • Certificate of earnings;
  • Contract of employment.

Self employed earnings

  • Profit and loss accounts;
  • Tax assessments;
  • Bank statements;
  • Self employed proforma;
  • Invoices and receipts.           


  • Current bank statements;
  • Letter from DWP or Pension Service.    


  • Tax Credit award letter;
  • Payment slips;
  • Bank or building society statements;
  • Invoices and receipts;
  • Other written confirmation from income source.           


  • Bank statements;
  • Savings book;
  • Building society statements;
  • Share certificates;
  • Bond certificates;
  • Stock certificates;
  • Letter from bank;
  • Letter from building society;
  • Premium Bonds;
  • Land Registry / title deeds;
  • Unit trust certificates;
  • Other documentary evidence of asset.


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Housing benefit and council tax support

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