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Lawful basis for processing information

The Royal Borough delivers the Wellbeing Circles Project as an innovative new way to encourage adults using NHS services to engage with organisations in their local area who may be able to offer access to local services which may help them in maintaining independent lives.

The Wellbeing Circles Project is delivered in collaboration with the NHS Social Prescribing Service and a local voluntary group, Maidenhead Magpies. 

Individuals wishing to use the services on offer need to provide their consent to enter the Wellbeing Circle network.

Social workers will make referrals to the NHS Social Prescribing Service who will then work in partnership with Maidenhead Magpies to contact the individual to arrange the completion of an assessment of the services and networks the individual may benefit from using a “Getting to Know Me” form. A wellbeing circle will be formed for the individual based on their needs and interests arising from the assessment. Voluntary groups and organisations will be contacted via Maidenhead Magpies. 

The Royal Borough relies on the following lawful bases for processing participants’ personal data for the purposes of participating in the project:

  • Article 6 (1)(a) – the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one of more specific purposes and;
  • Article 9 (1)(a) – the data subject has given explicit consent to the processing of those personal data for one of more specified purposes, except where Union or Member State law provide the prohibition referred to in paragraph 1 may not be lifted by the data subject.

How we collect information

The individual is engaged at the outset of the project and provides their consent to the social worker who makes the initial referral to the Social Prescribing team.

The personal data collected for the “Getting to Know You” form is provided directly by the individual at the assessment meeting with the Social Prescribing team and Maidenhead Magpies.

The information collected via the assessment is stored securely on the Royal Borough’s Connected Care database which is accessed by health and social care professionals. 

What information is collected

The following types of personal data are collected via the referral form and the “Getting to Know You” assessment form:

  • Basic personal data including name, address, telephone number, email address.
  • GP information and medical history, such as known allergies and medical usage, mobility evaluation (where applicable), details of social, domestic or community care already in place, hospitalisation history.
  • Details of working and family life background.
  • Interests and hobbies.
  • Access to digital communication methods such as smart phone/tablets etc.

The information collected is used to match individuals to the most suitable services and networks within a circle based on their personal requirements and expectations. 

How we use the information provided

Personal information is shared amongst partners through a digital email which is password protected.  The information is then held on a secure Connected Care database by health and social care professionals.  

Where the voluntary sector is involved, the identified parties within the circle can access the customer wellbeing circle plan within the secure LYON database, that has been developed specifically for this project.  

Both systems require access to be requested and will need a password to enter the system. It will allow the information to be held in one central point and connect individuals to support in the community as part of the wellbeing circle, that matters the most to the individual.

Who has access to the information about you

The following organisations will have access to individuals’ personal data;

  • Adult Social Care(Optalis).
  • Children’s Services (AFC), GPs, Social Prescribers, Local Access Point Teams, hospital teams and/or any department within the council or health services that the customer has agreed within the wellbeing circle, will have access to the data in order to fulfil service functions. 

Local organisations contacted by Maidenhead Magpies and form part of the Wellbeing Circle will not have full access to individuals’ health data, but only limited contact details. 

Who we may share your information with

How your information is shared is dependent on the service you transact with through your account.  The service specific privacy notices can be found on our privacy notice webpage.

How long we store your information

We will retain your personal data until the Wellbeing Circle pilot ends in March 2022, or earlier, if you choose to withdraw your participation before this date. You can opt out of the Wellbeing Circle at any time. You can ask for your account to be deleted by emailing or by calling 01628 683800.

Does your service utilise automated decision making?  No