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How do I start a Petition?

Petitions are one of the ways residents can get involved in the democratic process. Start an E-Petition this is a simple way for fellow residents to get involved and sign your petition. All you need to do is simply make an account, log in and sign. We also accept paper copies of signatures that are collected for those who may not have access to IT equipment. These can be sent in via email or post and will be added to the petition. 

You are able to see above, all of the petitions that have been submitted to the Council over recent years. These are updated on a bi-monthly wherever possible, to allow residents to see the progress that has been made on these following their submission. 

What types of Petitions can I submit?

  • Petitions that reach 25 or more signatures can be dealt with by the relevant Head of Service/Assistant Director in consultation with yourself, the relevant Cabinet Member and your Ward Councillors.
  • Consultation Petitions allow residents to submit representations on particular applications or proposals, such as a planning or licensing application.
  • If your petition reaches 750 signatures then your petition can be considered at a relevant Overview and Scrutiny Panel meeting, these are called Petitions to Hold Officers to Account 
  • If your petition reaches 1,000 signatures then it can be debated at the next suitable Council meeting, these are called Petitions for Debate
  • Statutory Petitions are submitted under particular Acts of Parliament.

Can I submit anything as a Petition?

All petitions that are submitted to the Council by residents who live within the borough, will be accepted, as long as they are in accordance with Part 7G of the Council's Constitution. The Petitions Officer will liaise with the Lead Petitioner, assist them with wording and the logistics of the process, wherever possible. To ensure transparency, all rejected petitions that the Council has received, shall remain listed on our website, with a reason given as to why it was not accepted.

View Current E-Petitions

You are able to view current E-Petitions that are currently active within the borough, as well as see how many signatures that these have currently accumulated. Details are also available on this page on the criteria as to how and why an E-Petition may be accepted or rejected by the Petitions Officer.

Democratic services : Contact details

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