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Road Closure request 

The road closure application form should be used to apply for a road closure or public right of way closure to facilitate works or events on the highway or public right of way (PROW).

The applicant will be contacted after the submission of the application to confirm whether the closure times and dates can be accommodated and whether the documents submitted are considered as sufficient and of the required standard.

The closure would allow for the road/PROW to be closed between set points or for its full length, however it would not stop vehicles from being able to legally park in the said road. If you require for the area to be cleared of vehicles as well as being closed a Parking Suspension might be required. 

We would not consider close of a road/PROW for extensive duration, where the road is traffic sensitive or where it is believed that the proposed event is not safe or would cause major disruption to Highway Network.

In all the cases we will contact the applicant and advise of issues with the application and submitted proposals.

In order to make an application you have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • A notice period of a minimum three months is required for the closure to be considered.
  • CAD Traffic Management Plan and relevant signage schedule has to be submitted (for local events a lesser standard can be accepted).
  • Evidence must be provided of Public Liability Insurance of £5 million. 
  • For events: Event Management Plan including Traffic Management has to be provided.
  • The charge for a closure varies and full Table of Charges is provided within the application link. Should you have any queries about the applicable fee please contact In the absence of any queries it will be considered that you understand and accept fee due.
  • For local interest events: Applicants will be liable for costs of advertising unless they fulfil the legal requirement for advertising directly with the relevant newspaper. If the advertising will be covered by the Applicant this needs to be clearly stated in the application.
  • An invoice will be generated for the payment of the fee. 
  • Once the application is approved information relating to the closure and diversion will be published on the website:

When completing the application clear information needs to be provided in relation to the extent of the closure, closure times and reason why the closure is required. Statements “As per attached drawing” or “Not sufficient width”, “From House X 50 metres” will not be accepted and the application will be considered as incomplete.

Applications will be considered as incomplete if the required documents and CAD drawings are not provided and will not be processed. 

Highway licensing team : Contact details

For further information, please contact us by:

Highway Licensing Team - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Town Hall, St Ives Road,
Maidenhead SL6 1RF
Telephone: 01628 683800