Report a problem with Flyposting

We are responsible for cleaning roads and pavements in the borough. This includes the removal of flyposting from our local roads, parks, council buildings and council property.

Flyposting involves putting up posters and advertising without permission, it is illegal and anyone caught may be prosecuted.

If the flyposting is racial or offensive, then we will take action to remove it within 18 hours of being reported.

Where flyposting is on items such as phone boxes and roadside cabinets, then we will remove it if it is offensive or racist. Otherwise we will inform the affected utility company.

The responsibility for removal of flyposting from private roads, private streets and private property lies with the road owners or residents. 

To report a problem with graffiti or flyposting you will need to tell us:

  • The location of the problem,
  • The nature of the problem,
  • Your name and contact details if you want to be updated on progress,
  • Upload a photo if you have one. 

This form should only be used to report minor issues. If you need to report an emergency situation, please call our contact centre.

If you would like to access your report case after submission you will need to sign in or sign up to an account before you start the form.