Privacy notice : Deputy and Appointee Team

Who we are

Deputy and Appointee Team
Town Hall St Ives Road
Maidenhead SL6 1RF
Tel 01628 796615/ 01628 683117/ 01628 796718

Lawful basis for processing information

Mental Capacity Act 2005 – We are appointed as Court of Protection Deputy
Department for Work and Pensions – as Appointee.

How we collect information

Through our referral process (via Social Services, NHS teams). From clients homes, friends and family.

What information is collected

Names, addresses, National Insurance numbers, date of birth, wills, property information, relatives and friend information, bank and financial information, utility bills, personal records.

How we use the information provided

To apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as Deputy for the management of property and affairs (tele: 0300 456 4600). Once appointed we use the information we hold to manage all of your finances, sell property (if required). To apply to the Department for Work and Pensions to be appointed as Appointee for
the management of state benefits.

Who has access to the information about you

Deputy and Appointee Team members only.

Who we may share your information with

Housing Benefits - 01628 683800, Department for Work and Pensions, Office of the Public Guardian, Adult Social Care Services (Optalis) – 01628 683800, CMHT (Optalis and NHS) 01628 640200, CTPLD (Optalis) – – 011890 42834, financial institutions, solicitors.

How long we store your information

Information is held for 1 year after an estate is settled or we stop working with you.

Does your service utilise automate decision making? – N/A