20mph in Stovell Road area, Windsor

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Consultation open

This consultation runs until 16 July 2023.


In 2022, we consulted on plans to make improvements to parts of Stovell Road and Barry Avenue in Windsor to make walking and cycling easier, safer and more comfortable for short journeys into town and to the leisure centre. Following support at that consultation, most of these works have since been completed.

When we consulted on those plans, we received requests as part of that consultation to reduce the speed limit to 20mph on these streets. We committed at the time to developing a plan to do this, and it is this plan to reduce the speed limit that we are consulting on today.

What is being proposed?

We are proposing to reduce the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on the following residential streets and access roads:

  • Stovell Road (in full)
  • Vansittart Road, from Arthur Road to Stovell Road
  • Duke Street (in full)
  • Barry Avenue, from Stovell Road to the railway arches

Signage would be introduced, supported by the existing and recently introduced traffic calming measures in this area.

Why are these changes needed?

The lower speed limit will improve safety on these local streets, which are heavily used by people walking and cycling to the nearby schools, the leisure centre, riverfront and town centre. 20mph is a more appropriate speed for Vansittart Road, Duke Street and Barry Avenue, being as they are short streets lined with residential parking, and also for Stovell Road which sees considerable pick up and drop off activity for the leisure centre.

When would the work be undertaken?

If the changes are supported at this public consultation, we would look to implement them in late 2023.

Have your say

We want to hear your views on these plans. To view consultation documents and submit a response to the consultation, visit the 20mph in Stovell Road area consultation website.