Budgets and spending

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Business rates accounts in credit reports

Council budget reports

The council sets financial targets for all the areas of activity it undertakes. Day to day expenditure and income are referred to as revenue.
Investment in assets is referred to as Capital.

Document name Type Size
2016-2017 - Budget Book pdf 2.11 MB
2017-2018 - Budget Book pdf 1.95 MB
2018-2019 - Budget Book pdf 2.02 MB
2019-2020 - Budget Book pdf 2.14 MB
2020-2021 - Budget Book pdf 1.52 MB

Fees and charges

The council produces details of fees and charges per year.

Document name Type Size
2019-2020 - Fees and charges pdf 686.68 KB
2020-2021 - Fees and charges pdf 527.36 KB

Pay policy statement

Document name Type Size
Pay policy statement 2020-2021 pdf 170.12 KB