Salt bins

There are a number of salt bins located across the borough, usually sited where there is a steep or hazardous hill, where there are buildings nearby and where salt lorries are unable to access. The bins, which are repaired and replenished throughout the winter, are for public use to help keep the roads clear - but the salt is not intended for use on private drives. If you find a bin which needs refilling please use the online salt bin refill request form.

Borough maintained Highway Salt Bins 

Number Location Area
1 Watersplash Lane – junction with Cheapside Road Cheapside
2 Watersplash Lane – junction with Dorian Drive Cheapside
3 Alleyns Lane – junction with Bradcutts Lane Cookham Dean
4 Bigfrith Lane – junction with School Lane Cookham Dean
5 Bigfrith Lane – top of access to Lower Coombe End Cookham Dean
6 Cookham War Memorial by Popes Lane Cookham Dean
7 Hills Lane – junction with Dean Lane Cookham Dean
8 Popes Lane – verge at back of parking area outside Valentine Cottage Cookham Dean
9 Stonehouse Lane – junction with Winter Hill Cookham Dean
10 Terrys Lane – by letterbox near junction Grange Road Cookham Dean
11 Honey Lane – junction with Henley Road Hurley
12 Pudding Hill – junction with Warren Row Road Knowl Hill
13/14 Belmont Park Avenue – junction with Belmont Park Road / Belmont Road Maidenhead
15 Brunel Road – near the Brunel Centre Maidenhead
16 Castle Drive – junction with St Marks Road Maidenhead
17 Clare Road – junction with Boyn Hill Road Maidenhead
18/19 Courtlands – both ends of square Maidenhead
20 Denham Close – junction with Wentworth Crescent Maidenhead
21 Footbridge between Holmanleaze and Maidenhead Moor Maidenhead
22/23 Kidwells Park Subways Maidenhead
24 Malvern Road – junction with Queensway Maidenhead
25/26 Moorbridge Road Subways Maidenhead
27 Raymond Road – junction with St Marks Road Maidenhead
28 Rushington Avenue – junction with Braywick Road Maidenhead
29/30 Sainsbury’s Subways Maidenhead
31 Stamford Road – junction with Wentworth Crescent Maidenhead
32 Stamford Road – junction with Lingholm Close Maidenhead
66 Cannon Lane – junction to Claires Court School Maidenhead
67 Bramble Drive Maidenhead
68 Hungerford Drive – outside 26 Maidenhead
69 Altwood Road - Sur off Altwood Road Maidenhead
70 College Rise – junction with College Road Maidenhead
71 Highway Avenue – outside shopping parade Maidenhead
72 Derwent Drive – rear of No. 93 Maidenhead
73 Switchback Road North – adjacent to No. 21 Maidenhead
74 Sunderland Road – near shops Maidenhead
33 Gainsborough Drive – junction with A329 London Road North Ascot
34/35 Sutherland Chase – junction with Ancaster Road / Sutherland Chase
North Ascot
36 Hurstwood – junction with Woodlands Ride South Ascot
37 Llanvair Drive – on grass verge at bottom of hill South Ascot
38 Priory Road – junction with Ridge Mount Road Sunningdale
39 Ridge Mount Road – junction with London Road Sunningdale
40 Armitage Court – junction with Branch Road Sunninghill
41 Cardwell Crescent – junction with Truss Hill Road Sunninghill
42 Fox Covert Close at junction – on north verge Sunninghill
43 Highclere – on grass verge Sunninghill
44 Kings Road – junction with Tenby Drive and Pinehurst Sunninghill
45 Murray Court – junction with St Marys Hill Sunninghill
46 Norton Park – north footway outside Jane Anne Court Sunninghill
47 Quince Close – junction with Lower Village Road Sunninghill
48 Sunninghill Footpath 36 Sunninghill
75 Truss Hill Road – junction with Lower Village Road Sunninghill
49 Basford Way – on grass verge Windsor
50 Bell View – junction with St Andrews Crescent Windsor
51 Camm Avenue – junction with Keeler Close Windsor
52 Camm Avenue – junction with Foster Avenue Windsor
53 Duncannon Crescent – junction with Hemwood Road Windsor
54/55 Franklyn Crescent – both ends Windsor
56 Foster Avenue – junction with Wolf Lane Windsor
57 Gilman Crescent – junction with Bryer Place Windsor
58 Hemwood Road – junction with Stroud Close Windsor
59 Hemwood Road – junction with Wilton Crescent Windsor
60 Hemwood Road – junction with Wolf Lane Windsor
61 Lovejoy Lane – on grass verge Windsor
62 Perrycroft – junction with Rydings Windsor
63 Washington Drive – junction with Wolf Lane Windsor
64 Washington Drive – cul-de-sac junction at top of hill Windsor
65 Wolf Lane – junction with Poolmans Road Windsor


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