Report a problem with grass cutting

We are responsible for cutting grass on highway verges, in council-owned parks and cemeteries and on our own properties.

The majority of grass verges adjacent to roads are within the public highway and therefore come under our responsibility as highway authority.

We are required to keep verges safe and unobstructed - this is particularly important at road junctions where clear visibility for motorists and pedestrians is important.

National Highways is responsible for maintaining motorways and trunk roads, please contact National Highways if the problem is on one of these roads:

  • M4
  • M25
  • A308(M)
  • A404(M)
  • A404

The responsibility for maintenance of private roads and private streets lies with the road owners or residents.

To report a problem with grass cutting, you will need to tell us:

  • The location of the problem, for example, grass verge, park, open space, cemetery,
  • The nature of the problem,
  • Any other relevant information,
  • Your contact details if you want to be updated on progress,
  • Upload a photo if you have one.

This form should only be used to report minor issues. If you need to report an emergency situation, please call our contact centre.

If you would like to access your report case after submission you will need to sign in or sign up to an account before you start the form.