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What is a companion bus pass?

A companion bus pass is available to Royal Borough residents who are unable to travel by bus without assistance. This allows them to be accompanied by a person who will travel for free of charge, subject to restrictions.

What do I need to know about the companion bus pass?

You must show your companion bus pass to the driver when boarding the bus.

If you have a companion bus pass and you start a journey in the Royal Borough with a companion you will both travel free of charge. Both you and your companion must board and alight the bus at the same points.

Your companion may be any person of your choice, including young carers, who can assist you on a bus. A companion is not restricted to one specific person, but only one companion may travel for free of charges on any one journey. Your companion will not receive a bus pass on their own right.

Because the companion bus pass is a local benefit for Royal Borough residents your companion may have to pay the full adult fare when starting a journey outside the Royal Borough. However, it is worth checking with the relevant local authority in the area you are visiting before you travel.

The companion bus pass may be used by the bus pass holder for free travel when not accompanied by a companion.

You may not hold both a companion bus pass and a standard national bus pass. When you apply for a companion bus pass you will be asked to return your standard national bus pass to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

How do I apply for a companion bus pass?

In addition to being a resident of the Royal Borough and either of eligible age or registered disabled, you are eligible for the companion bus pass if you can show that you find it impossible to travel by bus without assistance. Applications are considered on a case by case basis.

To qualify for a companion bus pass you will need to show specialist proof, such as a letter from a GP, medical specialist or social worker which confirms that you are unable to travel on buses without the help of a carer.

If you already have a standard national bus pass you must return this to the council once you have received your companion bus pass.  We will supply you with a postage paid envelope for this purpose.

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