Pupil numbers in Royal Borough schools

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What is this data?
This section gives you information about the number of children attending schools in the Royal Borough.

Where is this data from?
This data comes from the Spring School CENSUS, which is a national pupil count carried out by the government.

Which schools are included in this data?
Pupil numbers are provided for all state schools in the Royal Borough, including:

  • Academy.
  • Community.
  • Free.
  • Voluntary Aided.
  • Voluntary Controlled.

Independent schools are not included.

What years are available?
At present, we are providing the Spring count for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.  Earlier datasets can be requested by emailing us at schoolplaces@achievingforchildren.org.uk.

What data is provided?
The data gives, for each school:

  • The total number of pupils on roll, including and excluding nursery pupils.
  • The number of pupils on roll in each National Curriculum Year Group.
  • The number of pupils on roll in each Key Stage.
  • Information about the location of the school.
  • Information about the school type (i.e. primary, secondary, middle)
  • Information about the school control (i.e. academy, community, free)

The data also provides a total pupil count for the borough.

What are the limitations of this data?
The School CENSUS is a snapshot of the position as at a particular date in the Spring term.  It is likely that pupils will have moved in and out of the schools since then.

How can I download the data?
Pupil numbers downloads below. 

The data is provided in spreadsheet (MS Excel 365) format.  The spreadsheet allows you to filter the schools according to location, type and so on.  The total pupil count changes according to the filters chosen.  You will need to 'enable content' when prompted, to use this functionality.  If you would like the data as a pdf, please email us at schoolplaces@achievingforchildren.org.uk.

Where can I get more information?
If you have any queries about the data, please contact us at schoolplaces@achievingforchildren.org.uk.

Document downloads

School pupil numbers

These files may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. If you incur any issues with this file, please email: schoolplaces@achievingforchildren.org.uk.

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