Planned changes to schools in the Royal Borough

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One of the Royal Borough's legal duties is to make sure that there are enough school places for local children.  When the population is growing, this means expanding existing schools or opening new ones.  Other changes, such as changing the age range of a school, moving a school to a new site or combining two schools into one, may also be made from time to time to meet the needs of local residents.

All current planned changes are listed here.

Windsor Girls School, Windsor

  • Permanent expansion proposed.
  • Proposal is for an increase in the Published Admission Number from 208 to 230 from September 2022.
  • Cabinet approved funding for the scheme in Cabinet in June 2021 (see item 6h), following public consultation.
  • Windsor Girls' School, their academy trust (the Windsor Learning Partnership) and the Royal Borough have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in relation to the scheme.
  • Planning permission for the scheme was granted in September 2022.
  • The Department of Education is now considering final approval of the expansion.

New primary school places in Maidenhead

  • Consultation on new primary school places in Maidenhead was carried out in spring 2021.
  • The options were:
  • The outcome of that consultation was reported to Cabinet in November 2021 (see item 6c).
  • Cabinet also considered a report on the latest demographic information (see item 6b), which explained that demand was now lower than expected.
  • Due to the impact of the pandemic, the longer-term demographic picture is uncertain. 
  • It is likely that, due to new housing, new primary school places will still be needed in South East Maidenhead in the next few years.
  • Cabinet agreed, therefore, that:
    • in principle, a new primary free school should open on the Chiltern Road site.  The process to open a new school will start once pupil projections show a clear demand for new primary school places in the area.
    • temporary use of the site may be considered, and a budget for refurbishment and remodelling of the site has been agreed to allow this to happen, ahead of the site being returned to primary school use.
    • the other options for new primary school places at Larchfield, Lowbrook, St Luke's and St Mary's schools will be kept under review.
  • This strategy will be revisited in Autumn 2023.

South Ascot Village Primary School, proposed nursery class closure

  • The governing body of South Ascot Village Primary School have asked the Royal Borough to consult on a proposal to close their nursery class.
  • The consultation has finished, and you can find out more on our consultation pages.
  • The decision to close the nursery has been approved, with effect from Wednesday 31 August 2022.

South Ascot Village Primary School, new Special Educational Needs Unit

  • The Royal Borough approved, at Cabinet in August 2020, the opening of a new Special Educational Needs (SEN) Unit at South Ascot Village Primary School.
  • The SEN Unit is for primary age children with social communication difficulties and related behaviours.
  • The new provision is expected to open from September 2023.
  • A building scheme to remodel accommodation at the school is now underway.

Wraysbury Primary School, new Resourced Provision

  • The Royal Borough approved, at Cabinet in August 2020, the opening of a new Resourced Provision at Wraysbury Primary School.
  • Work on the design of the new provision is starting in Autumn 2022.
  • Formal consultation on the proposal is likely to start shortly.
  • Planning permission may be required.

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