Conservation areas

There are 27 designated conservation areas in the Borough. Maps showing the boundaries of each of the conservation areas can be accessed by viewing the conservation areas maps below.

The conservation areas within the borough are:

  • All Saints, Boyn Hill, Maidenhead.
  • Altwood Road, Maidenhead.
  • Beenham's Heath.
  • Bisham Village.
  • Bray Village.
  • Burchetts Green.
  • Castle Hill, Maidenhead.
  • Cookham Dean.
  • Cookham Village.
  • Datchet.
  • Eton.
  • Furze Platt Triangle.
  • Holyport.
  • Hurley Village.
  • Inner Windsor.
  • Littlewick Green.
  • Maidenhead Riverside.
  • Maidenhead Town Centre.
  • Mill Lane (Clewer Village).
  • Old Windsor.
  • Pinkneys Green, near. Maidenhead.
  • Shurlock Row.
  • St Mary's Church and Bury Court, White Waltham.
  • Sunningdale.
  • Trinity Place/ Clarence Crescent, Windsor.
  • Waltham St Lawrence.
  • Windsor Town Centre.

Conservation Area appraisal statements have been prepared for some of the conservation areas within the borough. The appraisals are descriptive documents that outline the special character and appearance of the individual conservation areas. At the present time, the online versions of these appraisal statements do not include the summary map for each area that identifies the main features of the area as described in the text. To request an electronic copy please email

Document downloads

Conservation areas

Maps and appraisal statements.

Document name Type Size
Appraisal: Altwood Road, Maidenhead pdf 613.58 KB
Appraisal: Appendix - Bray Village pdf 596.6 KB
Appraisal: Appendix - Maidenhead Riverside pdf 1.12 MB
Appraisal: Beenham's Heath pdf 765.35 KB
Appraisal: Bisham Village pdf 634.71 KB
Appraisal: Bray village pdf 831.93 KB
Appraisal: Burchetts Green pdf 674.07 KB
Appraisal: Cookham Dean pdf 806.46 KB
Appraisal: Cookham Village pdf 2.9 MB
Appraisal: Datchet pdf 417.36 KB
Appraisal: Eton - part four pdf 2.46 MB
Appraisal: Eton - part one pdf 2.66 MB
Appraisal: Eton - part three pdf 2.49 MB
Appraisal: Eton - part two pdf 2.32 MB
Appraisal: Furze Platt Triangle pdf 2.35 MB
Appraisal: Holyport pdf 3.1 MB
Appraisal: Hurley Village pdf 759.41 KB
Appraisal: Inner Windsor pdf 2.22 MB
Appraisal: Littlewick Green pdf 691.79 KB
Appraisal: Maidenhead Riverside pdf 2.4 MB
Appraisal: Maidenhead Town Centre pdf 2.18 MB
Appraisal: Pinkneys Green pdf 611.43 KB
Appraisal: Shurlock Row pdf 289.11 KB
Appraisal: St Mary's Church and Bury Court, White Waltham pdf 533.45 KB
Appraisal: Sunningdale pdf 280.96 KB
Appraisal: Trinity Place, Clarence Crescent pdf 2.06 MB
Appraisal: Windsor Town Centre - part five pdf 2.55 MB
Appraisal: Windsor Town Centre - part four pdf 2.37 MB
Appraisal: Windsor Town Centre - part one pdf 2.91 MB
Appraisal: Windsor Town Centre - part six pdf 2.4 MB
Appraisal: Windsor Town Centre - part three pdf 2.34 MB
Appraisal: Windsor Town Centre - part two pdf 2.77 MB
Map: All Saints, Boyn Hill, Maidenhead pdf 52.46 KB
Map: Altwood Road, Maidenhead pdf 93.53 KB
Map: Bachelors Acre, Windsor pdf 487.46 KB
Map: Beenham's Heath pdf 105.97 KB
Map: Bisham Village pdf 217.53 KB
Map: Bray Village pdf 271.83 KB
Map: Burchetts Green pdf 148.82 KB
Map: Castle and Royal Mews, Windsor pdf 2.1 MB
Map: Castle Hill, Maidenhead pdf 200.78 KB
Map: Cookham Dean pdf 194.17 KB
Map: Cookham Village pdf 1.76 MB
Map: Datchet pdf 204.66 KB
Map: Eton North pdf 1.23 MB
Map: Eton South pdf 1.18 MB
Map: Furze Platt Triangle pdf 149.7 KB
Map: Historic Core and High Street, Windsor pdf 1.77 MB
Map: Holyport pdf 1.1 MB
Map: Hurley Village pdf 996.27 KB
Map: Inner Windsor pdf 1.41 MB
Map: Littlewick Green pdf 136.04 KB
Map: Maidenhead Riverside pdf 1.13 MB
Map: Mill Lane (Clewer Village) pdf 281.62 KB
Map: Old Windsor pdf 285.7 KB
Map: Pinkneys Green pdf 412.49 KB
Map: Retail Core, Windsor pdf 1.13 MB
Map: Riverside, Windsor pdf 1.98 MB
Map: Sheet Street and Park Street, Windsor pdf 946.38 KB
Map: Shurlock Row pdf 141.46 KB
Map: St Mary's Church and Bury Court, White Waltham pdf 342.43 KB
Map: Sunningdale pdf 423.48 KB
Map: Trinity Place, Clarence Crescent pdf 1.41 MB
Map: Waltham St Lawrence pdf 151.28 KB

Conservation team : Contact details

For further information, please contact us by:

Conservation Team - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Town Hall, St Ives Road
Maidenhead SL6 1RF
Telephone: 01628 683810