Allotment guidance

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Cultivation and maintenance of plots

Keeping an allotment is a leisure activity. However we do expect a reasonable standard of cultivation and therefore our allotment sites have regular inspections.

If a plot holder fails to cultivate their plot, they will be contacted and asked to improve the standard within 30 days. Failing to do so will result in a 'Failure to Cultivate Notice' being issued and the plot is offered to the next person on the waiting list.

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Time commitment

Allotments can be enormously satisfying but please be aware that keeping one is a major time commitment.

Allotment holders spend from 10-15 hours a week during the summer, to 2-3 hours a week during winter, regularly tending their plots. The rewards are fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers and good social contacts with other gardeners however an overgrown wilderness due to lack of maintance can cause mutterings from your neighbours.

The allotments service will require a good level of cultivation on all plots.                   

Do's and dont's


  • Compost whenever possible
  • Burn only dry rubbish
  • Burn as quickly as possible
  • Burn as infrequently as possible
  • Find alternatives to burning where possible and please consider your neighbours before lighting a fire.


  • Burn in foggy, damp or still conditions
  • Burn when it is very windy or the wind is blowing towards houses or roads
  • Burn when the neighbours have a full line of washing
  • Leave the allotment until any fire is out
  • Bring refuse from home to burn at the allotment          
  • Burn damp or green materials  

Outdoor facilities : Contact details

For further information, please contact us by:

Outdoor Facilities - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Town Hall, St Ives Road
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Telephone: 01628 796482