How to safely dispose of fireworks

How do you dispose of spent fireworks and sparklers?

Wear strong gloves and use tongs to collect used fireworks and sparklers.

  • Soak it – soak them in water overnight to ensure there is no chance of them setting anything alight;
  • Bag it – collect all the used fireworks in a bag; and
  • Bin it – put them in the rubbish bin (not the recycling bin).

Never put anything hot in your bin, such as fireworks, sparklers, bonfire/BBQ ashes or disposable BBQs.

How do you dispose of unused fireworks?

The safest way to dispose of unused fireworks is to set them off in accordance with the instructions provided with the fireworks, then follow the guidance above for used fireworks.

If you have a large quantity of unused fireworks, for example from a cancelled display, you may need to contact a specialist disposal company to collect and dispose of them in a safe manner. Please remember to store any unused fireworks away from sources of ignition and other combustible items. Keep them secure and don’t let them become wet or damp.

Unused fireworks cannot be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centres and you must not put them in your rubbish bin at home. 

Can fireworks be recycled?

Fireworks cannot be recycled, but you can recycle any cardboard or plastic film packaging that they come in as along as the packaging is completely empty. Please check what items are accepted in your recycling bin by visiting this page: Your recycling bin

Waste and recycling team : Contact details

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