Household rubbish collections

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Putting your bins out

On your collection day you must ensure that all bins are left at the front boundary of your property by 7am (unless an alternative collection point has been arranged).  Please place your bin out the night before collection to make sure it is out in time for your collection if possible. 

No excess or side waste

We only collect household rubbish inside the bin with the lid closed. We will not collect rubbish that is overflowing, placed on top of or beside the bin. 

Your bin lid should be closed so that it can be safely lifted by the vehicles. Rubbish left in sacks next to the bin will be left behind and if your bin is so full that the lid cannot close the whole bin may be left uncollected. Rubbish must not be left on top of the closed lid. If you are struggling to fit everything in, it probably means you are not recycling as much as you could. 80% of the rubbish in an average bin can be recycled, so try to reduce what you throw away, recycle as much as you can and try to only buy what you need and will use.

We issue the following bins:

  • Blue recycling wheeled bin (collected weekly),
  • Black food waste caddy - for all food waste (please do not use this for anything that is not food waste including packaging, liquid, oil or liquid fat) (collected weekly),
  • Black rubbish wheeled bin - for rubbish that cannot be recycled (collected every two weeks).

If your recycling bin has the wrong items in it, then we place a blue tag around the handle. The incorrect items will need to be removed and we shall then be able to empty the bin on your next collection day.

For those residents living in communal areas, we supply a variety of waste containers which reflects the number of residents living in the block.

For those households where wheeled bins are unsuitable, we supply black refuse sacks and clear sacks for recycling.

We only provide a larger bin to households of six or more people, five or more with a baby under two in nappies or those who have a medical need (such as disposal of incontinence wear or packaging related to medical treatment at home that cannot be recycled).

If your household meets the above criteria and your bin is smaller than 240 litres or 106cm high, 58 cm wide and 74cm deep or you require an additional bin you can apply for a new bin

If your household does not meet this criteria but you are struggling for space, please look at the tips on reducing your waste. 

Your kerbside collection is a household waste collection only. If you are producing excess rubbish because you are running a business from home, you will need to look for a commercial waste collection. 

If you apply for a new bin and you do not meet the above criteria, we will not be able to provide a larger bin.

Waste and recycling team : Contact details

For further information, please contact us by:

Waste Management Unit - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Town Hall, St Ives Road
Maidenhead SL6 1RF
Telephone: 01628 683800