Switching energy supplier

Electricity and gas prices have been steadily increasing for a number of years and energy costs are often one of the largest monthly bills for residents. Switching tariff or supplier is a very easy way to reduce the price you pay for your energy.The idea of switching may be scary but the process is very simple and takes a maximum of just 21 days.

The starting point is to find a recent energy bill. All the information you require will be contained on it including the name of your current supplier, the tariff you are on, its end date and how much energy you use every year.

Once you have this information you can use a price comparison website to work out which supplier and tariff is best for you. There will be a number of different things to consider such as customer satisfaction score, saving amount or whether you wish to be supplied by green electricity (energy generated from renewable sources). All electricity purchased by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is generated by renewable sources and we are always keen to encourage residents to switch to green tariffs if right for them.

Once you have decided on the supplier/tariff that's right for you then often you can click through from the price comparison website to the company you are switching to. If not, you may need to call the company directly. Once you've picked your supplier, you will just need to confirm your contract and how you wish to pay. Often paying by direct debit is the cheapest option.

The supplier you are switching to will now manage the process of switching. They will inform your old supplier you are leaving and keep you updated throughout. You will be informed of the date of switching and you can expect a final bill from your previous supplier. If you are owed money, they will refund it at this stage.

We would always encourage residents to switch supplier regularly to ensure they are getting the best deal for them. It is also worth checking with people you know to ensure they are aware of the savings and how easy the switching process is.

More information on switching energy supplier can be found on the Ofgem and Citizens Advice website.

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