St Leonards Road, Windsor - Upgraded pedestrian crossing near Bolton Road

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Consultation open

This consultation runs until 16 July 2023.

What are we consulting on?

Following the submission of a resident’s petition and as part of a commitment to improving road safety and promoting walking and cycling, the borough is consulting on a proposal to replace the current zebra crossing point in St Leonards Road, Windsor, near the junction with Bolton Road, with pedestrian controlled traffic lights.

The proposed scheme will increase the safety of children attending the local schools, as well as residents accessing local facilities, and enable them to cross the road in a safe manner. The scheme will help in creating a more cycle and pedestrian friendly environment to encourage and facilitate more journeys on foot and by bicycle.

Have your say

We are seeking your views on this proposal. To view consultation documents and submit a response to the consultation, visit the St Leonards Road crossing consultation website.