Extreme weather

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If you need to report an emergency situation, such as a fallen tree or branch that is an immediate danger to the public outside normal office hours, please call us on 01753 853517.

Check the latest weather warnings by visiting the Met Office website.

The Met Office also provides some simple steps you can take to stay safe, healthy and "WeatherReady" at this time of year.  You can find more information on being "WeatherReady" on the Met Office website.

How to prepare for extreme weather

Make sure you listen out for weather updates on the radio and TV, visit the internet, including the Met Office website or look at newspapers. We tend to get fair warning of a likely event and its impact.

You can check the latest weather warnings on the Met Office website. 

Strong gales can cause power lines to come down. Plan for power outages by visiting the Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) website. These are the people who maintain the power lines - no matter whom you buy your electricity from.

Priority services for the elderly, vulnerable and those with various medical conditions are available, which you can sign up for free depending on your circumstance. You can sign up online:

Consider creating an emergency plan for you, your family, community and your business. 

Consider your pets and animals and what the weather will do to them.

What you can do during bad weather

  • In times of need, the council website will provide key information on school closures, revised bin collections, road conditions and other weather-related details. We also make this available to the local radio stations.
  • Be a good neighbour - check on friends and neighbours to make sure they are okay, especially those who are elderly and vulnerable. If they require more help than you can provide, see Adult Social Care for further guidance.
  • Drive safely - if you do need to drive during periods of bad weather check the forecast in advance and plan enough time for a trip that may involve delays and dangerous driving conditions.

Advice for over 65s or those with long term health conditions during severe weather

If you are over 65 or have a long term health condition you should remember to:

  • Keep a supply of medicines, and tinned, frozen and long-life foods so you do not need to go out if it is dangerous to do so,
  • Make a list of emergency contact numbers in case you need help during cold weather,
  • If you must go out dress appropriately, wear shoes with good grip and take your mobile phone with you,
  • Stay in contact with friends and family.

During severe winter weather, it's important to make sure vulnerable people are safe. Our adult social care team are there to support the council's most vulnerable residents to make sure they are keeping safe and warm.

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Out of hours

For further information and advice, please contact us on 01628 683800 during office hours, if outside normal office hours please call us on 01753 853517.