Dropped kerbs

If you want to construct a vehicular access (also called a 'dropped crossing') to your property across a public footway and or verge then you need permission from the Highway Authority.

Access on a classified Road (A, B or C) requires planning permission prior to the application for the licence being submitted. 

It is against the law for a vehicle to cross the footway other than with a properly constructed crossing.

For perpendicular parking, the area must be a minimum of 4.8 metres deep and a minimum of 2.4 metres wide. There must also be a minimum 1.2 metres wide clear path to the front door of the property from the street (single crossover).
Where the vehicle would be parked parallel to a carriageway, it must be possible to enter and exit the site in one easy manoeuvre. This will require a minimum forecourt depth of 4.75 metres and width of 12 metres

Maximum widths of crossovers permitted:

  • For a single crossover a width of 2.7 metres of kerb as measured along the dropped section (a total of 4.5 metres including the ramps) will be approved.
  • A double crossover can be constructed where a property has a hard standing capable of accommodating two cars (i.e. the property is a minimum 6m wide to accommodate 2 x 2.4m wide parking spaces and a 1.2m wide path to the front door). In these cases the crossover may be widened up to a maximum of 3.6m (a total of 5.4 metres including the ramps)
  • The widths provided above can’t exceed 50% of the frontage for the property

Please also consider the following before making any application:

  • Have you enough room to park a vehicle off road? Does it comply with the dimensions listed above? Planning Permission may be required if you live on a category road (A, B or C)
  • How close is your property to a junction, 10m minimum
  • Street Furniture such as street lights and street name plates may need to be moved and the applicant will be liable for costs
  • If the crossover requires the removal of street trees application will be refused
  • The lowering of utility apparatus such manhole covers or cables below ground may also need to be considered.
  • A suitable drainage system should also allow rain to fall within the grounds of the property.

Further Terms and Conditions relating to restrictions and application process can be found below. Please read all the conditions before submitting your application. 

Should your application involve three or more houses, please refer to the heavy duty notes and application.

It is inevitable that, in some instances, applications will be received for properties which do not meet with the requirements of the current policy but are in areas where crossovers have been approved in the past for other properties. This will not be a reason for departing from the current policy and they will be refused. 

Domestic vehicle access

Please use our Domestic vehicle access (pdf) form to apply.

Heavy duty vehicle access

Please use the only form below to apply for heavy duty vehicle access dropped kerb.

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Dropped kerbs

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