Admission numbers at Royal Borough schools

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This section gives you information about Published Admission Numbers (number of pupils that a school will admit in a particular year group) and Net Capacities (the number of pupils that the school buildings can physically accommodate) for schools in the Royal Borough. The Net Capacity figure is based on a government formula, that takes into account the number, size and type of rooms in a school. 

Published Admission Numbers and Net Capacities are provided for almost all state schools in the Royal Borough, including:

  • Primary, Infant, Junior and First schools.
  • Middle, Upper and Secondary schools.

Nursery schools, Pupil Referral Units and Special schools (for children with Special Educational Needs) do not have Published Admission Numbers or Net Capacities, and so are not included.  Independent schools are also not included.

The data download includes includes past, present and future Published Admission Numbers and Net Capacities. Year on year changes are highlighted.  The data for the future is based on current agreed and planned changes and is therefore indicative only.

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