Amend an approved planning application

Small changes can be made to approved planning applications without needing to go through the full planning application process again.

These small changes are called ‘non-material amendments’.

Non-material amendments must keep within the scope of the original planning permission and must not result in a totally different proposal.

In deciding your application we will use the criteria below.

If a proposed amendment involves any of the following we will not accept it as non-material:

  • Changes which, when taken with previously approved non-material amendments, would amount to a material change,
  • Changes which would need to be the subject of consultation with neighbours, technical groups or others before we can reach an informed decision or to avoid prejudicing that party,
  • The reinstatement of any feature objected to as part of the original permission,
  • The removal of revisions negotiated when the application was first considered,
  • A conflict with the requirements of a condition on the original permission, with the exception of the ‘approved plans’ condition,
  • The moving of a building,
  • A significant increase in the volume of a building,
  • A significant increase in the internal content of a building, even if the overall size is not significantly larger,
  • An increase in the height of a building,
  • Adding windows that may cause overlooking,
  • Changes to the site area,
  • Changes to ground levels,
  • Changes to the description of the development or introducing new elements which were not part of the original scheme,
  • Effects on existing trees or other landscape features,
  • Significant change to the external appearance of the permitted proposal,
  • Change to the outside materials or finishes that would have a significant impact on the appearance of the development,
  • Changes which reduce the design quality of what was originally permitted,
  • Changes which make the development conflict with the Development Plan or national guidance.

Only someone with a legal interest in the land affected can apply for a non-material amendment. Examples of a legal interest include owning the freehold or a leasehold with at least seven years remaining.

If the application is made by anyone other than the owner, the owner must be notified of the application in the way the form explains.