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All planning applications and supporting documentation is scanned and made available for public scrutiny through the Planning Public Access service. When scanning documents we take reasonable care to ensure that we are operating within the constraints of the Data Protection Act 1998, and the Freedom of Information Act 2005.

All applicants and contributors to applications are advised that they should take care not to include personal data such as mobile or personal telephone numbers and email addresses on any document sent to the Planning Department. We scan many hundreds of documents each week and cannot be sure that all occurrences of such data may be noted and removed. If you wish to provide these details to the planning officers it is best to do so in a covering note which will not be scanned. 

We do, however, require your name and address to be included with your comments and this information is available in the public domain.  Anonymous comments cannot be taken into consideration as part of the decision making process.

While we are legally enabled to publish correspondent's names and addresses, we can also undertake to withhold this information to protect individuals in certain exceptional circumstances, such as those in refuge from domestic violence, or persons in the public eye. If you are in such a category and wish us to consider withholding publication of your name and address, please inform us at the time of submitting your documents.

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