Commemorative plaque scheme

The commemorative plaque scheme celebrates people, places and events linked to the borough.


Plaques are only put on sites where they can be read by the public.

The location could be a house, flat, significant place of work or a site associated with a person or event.

Applications will be considered for:

A) A famous person who is of national or local importance who has either

  • lived or worked in the borough for a significant length of time
  • is highly respected by their peers
  • has made a positive impact locally or nationally
  • is instantly recognised by most people.

Plaques will only be considered for people who have been deceased for a period of at least 10 years or after the centenary of their birth.

If the house of a famous person no longer exists, putting a plaque on a replacement property will not usually be considered.

Suggestions will not be considered where the person is already commemorated by a plaque elsewhere in the borough.

B) An original building or landmark made famous by a memorable event of national or local importance.

A plaque will not be put on a building if its only claim to fame is that it appeared in a work of fiction.


The standard plaque is circular, about 45cm in diameter, with white lettering on a dark blue background.


The consent of the property owner will be needed if a plaque is to be put on a place that is privately owned.

Planning permission or Listed Building Consent will also be needed if the property is Listed or in a conservation area.

Plaques approved for installation will be prioritised if the number of successful suggestions exceed the resources available.

Submitting a suggestion

Suggestions for a plaque must include:

  • detailed information about the person, place or event
  • reasons for celebrating the person, place or event
  • the suggested location for the plaque with permission from the property owner
  • suggested wording for the plaque.

Suggestions should be sent to:

Windsor and Royal Borough Museum : Contact details

For further information, please contact us by:

Windsor and Royal Borough Museum
The Guildhall, High Street
Windsor SL4 1LR


Telephone: 01628 685686