Our values, working for you

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Our values help us keep our promises.

  • Empower to improve;
  • One team and vision;
  • Respect and openness.

The organisation will invest in strong foundations.

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Investing in strong foundations

Decorative image onlyWhat we want

  • Decent, clean and well-maintained offices;
  • Attractive meeting spaces for formal and informal meetings;
  • Suitable places for staff to have lunch and breaks away from their desks;
  • Modern and robust IT;
  • Fair and consistent working practices;
  • Investment in developing our staff;
  • An excellent induction process that helps people to work to our values.

What we don't want

  • Dirty, cramped offices;
  • Out of date and unreliable IT;
  • Unfair or inconsistently applied working practices;
  • Training as a tick-box exercise.

Empowered to improve

Decorative imageWhat we want

  • Take ownership of problems;
  • Focus on outcomes;
  • Hold yourself and others accountable;
  • Give and receive constructive feedback;
  • Proactively challenge what isn’t working;
  • Plan improvements to the things that aren’t working well;
  • Celebrate successes;
  • Recognise staff for a job well done;
  • Learn the lessons from when things don’t quite work out;
  • Innovate and try new things;
  • Have fun and enjoy your job.

What we don’t want

  • Not doing what we said;
  • Not trying new ideas to fix things;
  • Being defensive;
  • Blaming – looking for whose fault it is;
  • A bad atmosphere at work.

One team and vision

Decorative imageWhat we want

  • Support other teams and departments;
  • Deliver the vision together;
  • Share information and resources with other teams;
  • First try to help, even if it's not your responsibility;
  • Understand how what you do relates to the overall vision for the organisation;
  • Take the time to build good relationships;
  • Be clear which teams you need to work with;
  • Get to know what other teams do;
  • Make sure all colleagues feel valued and part of the team;
  • Acknowledge other people’s ideas.

What we don’t want

  • Putting the needs of the team before the needs of the organisation;
  • Passing the buck - saying, ‘that’s not my responsibility’ before trying to help;
  • Ignoring the impact of what you do on other teams;
  • Failing to support others that need our help.

Respect and openness

Decorative imageWhat we want

  • Embrace diversity in all ways;
  • Be polite and courteous;
  • Follow our guidelines for respectful communication;
  • Smile and say hello to people you interact with;
  • Talk to people rather than sending an email;
  • Seek other people’s ideas and listen to them;
  • Be honest with people;
  • If you can’t do something, let people know;
  • Be discreet when discussing sensitive issues or giving negative feedback;
  • Be truthful and open;
  • Let people know when there are things that might affect them.

What we don’t want

  • Being rude to people;
  • Ignoring people;
  • Avoiding people when they need to talk to you;
  • Not getting back to people when they contact you;
  • Criticising people in front of others.

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For further information, please contact us by:

Human Resources Team - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
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