Report a problem with odour

Examples of the type of odour we can investigate:

  • Cooking odour from commercial premises only.
  • Odour from industrial processes.
  • Odour from sewage plants.
  • Odour from paint sprayers.
  • All other commercial odour sources.

What we do not have powers to investigate:

  • Cooking odour from domestic premises.
  • Odour from transportation.
  • Odour from one-off episodes.

To make a complaint about odour, please click the ‘Report: Environmental Services’ tab at the bottom of this page and fill out all the mandatory information.

Information for commercial premises

The council deals with a large number of complaints about odour from air handling units each year. When you are proposing to install such a unit it would be helpful to residents, the council and yourself to discuss your proposals at the earliest stage, to ensure that the installation minimises any possibility of public complaint.

This will mean that your investment will be well directed and reduce the likelihood of any need to make unnecessary changes at an early stage.

For commercial kitchens, the extraction system should comply with the guidance contained on the Ricardo website

If you are proposing to install any air handling plant, please telephone Customer Service Centre on 01628 683800.