Report a problem with noise

We investigate noise that is excessively loud, prolonged and unreasonable. Examples include:

  • Loud music,
  • Noisy building work, noisy pubs or clubs,
  • Noisy car repairs, 
  • Barking dogs, cockerels crowing,
  • Refrigeration / air conditioning units, kitchen extraction systems,
  • Car, burglar, or fire alarms that repeatedly or continuously sound unnecessarily.

We cannot investigate:

It is unlikely that a one-off event would be deemed to constitute a statutory nuisance.

Aircraft noise

We cannot investigate a complaint about noise from aircraft, you should contact the Civil Aviation Authority CAA.

However we collect statistics of complaints about noise from aircraft. These statistics are used as part of consultations about any alterations to and expansion of air traffic in the southeast of England, including London Heathrow Airport.

You record your complaint to be included as part of these statistics by completing our online form below.

Building work

As a guideline we recommend that noisy building work should only take place during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday - 8am-6pm.
  • Saturdays - 8am-1pm.
  • Sundays and Bank holidays - no works should take place.

Before making a complaint we would recommend initially to tell the person concerned that noise coming from their property is causing a problem as they may be unaware of this.

Taking your own action

Residents may wish to take their own action under Section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act. The evidential threshold for civil proceedings is a lot lower (the balance of probabilities) as opposed to the criminal threshold that council investigations must meet (beyond all reasonable doubt).