Care workers

A full council tax bill is based on at least two adults being resident in a property.

Some people are not counted - they are 'disregarded'.

You may be able to get a 'disregard' discount if all of the residents but one are disregarded, or you are the only resident and are disregarded.

There is a separate application for each type of disregarded person and this page deals with care workers.

You may be entitled to a council tax reduction if you meet the criteria below.

To qualify, all of the criteria must be met:

  • the person must be employed in the provision of care or support to another person or persons, 
  • they must be employed by a charity or public authority or have been introduced to the employer by a body established for charitable purposes,
  • they must work for at least 24 hours each week providing care and support, 
  • their salary or wages must not exceed £36 per week, and
  • reside where the care is given or in premises which have been provided for the better performance of the work.

Proof of your salary (e.g. a letter from your employer/wage slips etc) will be required along with the application form.