Trading Companies

The council recognises and embraces the changing landscape of local government, operating in an environment of increasing demand and a need to provide local people with the quality services they expect, alongside reducing resources, maximising our commercial activities and opportunities to use our assets (land and buildings) in creative ways to generate capital and revenue receipts. 

The council has two wholly owned trading companies, through which some initial activity is being undertaken and developed further. 

The company employs Barbara Richardson as Managing Director to assist in the start-up and mobilisation phase of the Property Company. She reports to the board members.

1. RBWM Property Company Ltd

The company was created as a dedicated and wholly owned arm’s length property management and development trading subsidiary of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. Its aim is to develop and manage a portfolio of properties within the borough with a particular emphasis on the provision of affordable accommodation to attract and retain keyworkers and support the local community.

The Board is made up of six non-executive directors and one executive director, who hold voting rights when taking decision and have overall responsibility for setting the strategic objectives and monitoring the company’s performance.

More details about this company can be found on the Property company website. 

2. RBWM Commercial Services Ltd

The company currently is not trading.

The waste disposal contract has been passed back to the council.  It is the intention to make the company dormant until such time as suitable opportunities are fully developed.  

The Director/board members of the company are:

  • Hilary Hall - Director of Adults, Health and Commissioning 
  • Ben Smith - Head of Commissioning - Infrastructure.

Financial statements for RBWM Commercial Services LTD can be found on the commercial services financial statements page.  Further information can be found on the Companies House website.  Company number 07432503.