Giving notice of marriage/civil partnership

Giving Notice

Before getting married or forming a civil partnership, you must both give notice of your intention in your local registration district.

If you and your partner live in different areas, you will each need to give notice in your own district, unless one or both of you are subject to immigration control. 

Giving notice involves attending an appointment at a register office where you will declare who you intend to marry or form a civil partnership with, where the ceremony will take place and that you are legally free to get married or form a civil partnership.

You will need to bring evidence of your name, date of birth, nationality (and immigration status) and proof of residency. This is a legal requirement that must be completed at least 28 clear days prior to the ceremony. In certain cases, depending on your immigration status, this may be extended to 70 clear days.

You may also need to give notice if you are planning to marry or form your civil partnership abroad. Ask the relevant embassy for advice, including any documentation you will need.

When and where to give notice

In order to give notice of marriage in a registration office, you must have lived in that district for a minimum of seven clear days (immediately before you give your notice). If you are coming from abroad the day of arrival does not count and notice cannot be given until the ninth day.

The earliest date the notice of marriage/civil partnership can be given is 12 months before the ceremony.  Notices are valid for one year from the date it is entered. We would advise you give notice at least three months before your ceremony, if possible. 

From Thursday 1 July 2021, if one or both of you is not British, Irish or a person who has been granted EU Settlement Status, you must both attend your appointment together at the register office in the district where one of you lives. You will be required to bring evidence of your immigration status. 
More information can be found on the Government website.

What you’ll need to bring

Please read this carefully. If you do not bring the correct documents, you will need to rebook and pay again. 

You must bring original documents to the Registrar when giving legal notices.

Evidence must be in hardcopy unless otherwise mentioned and photocopies will not be accepted

  • a current valid passport or travel document.
  • proof of residency for each person:
    a utility bill dated within three months;
    valid UK driving licence,
    bank statements dated within one month,
    current council tax bill,
    a letter from the property owner/tenant confirming residency for at least seven clear days immediately prior to the date of your notice appointment (this letter must state that the person providing the letter is the owner/proprietor/tenant of the property, along with their name and address and their own utility/council tax bill. It must be signed by them).
  • If previously married: a Decree Absolute/Final Order or death certificate of the former spouse (if the document is in a foreign language, this must include a third-party, signed and dated English translation). If you have a digital PDF copy of your UK Decree Absolute/Final Order, we will need to see the accompanying email from the court. If your Decree Absolute/Final Order is in a different name than the one you are currently using please contact us for further advice. Foreign divorces will incur an additional fee of either £50 or £75,depending on whether it can be dealt with by our office or if it needs. approval from the General Register Office. 
  • An interpreter who can speak and read both English and your language fluently if either of you can’t understand of speak English (you cannot interpret for each other.
  • If one or both of you have changed your names, you will need to provide us with evidence of change of name (Deed Poll / Statutory Declaration).

Foreign Nationals

Full information can be found on the Government website

Please note it is your responsibility to read this and satisfy yourself that you have the correct documentation.

  • From Thursday 1 July 2021, any person granted EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) status (either settled, pre-settled) must bring their status share code to the appointment. The code can be obtained via the Government website: View and prove your immigration status.
  • If you have a pending application submitted before Wednesday 30 June 2021, you will need to bring a hardcopy letter showing your Certificate of Application.
  • If either of you are nationals from outside Britain, Ireland and do not hold EU Settlement Scheme status, you must bring evidence of your immigration status to your appointment (e.g. visa stamp in passport, Biometric residence permit).
  • If you possess a limited visa or have obtained a marriage/civil partnership entry clearance visa or have no valid evidence of your immigration status, you will both be required to bring one passport sized photo with you to the appointment.

Fees and cancellations

  • Notice appointment : £35 each.
  • Notice appointment where either person falls under the Home Office Referral Scheme : £47 each.
  • Consideration of a foreign divorce (where this can be cleared by our office) : £50.
  • Consideration of a foreign divorce (which needs to be referred to the General Register Office) : £75.  

Please do not forget to bring the required documents. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your appointment, and the forfeiture of all fees paid.

The fees paid are non-refundable. Appointments can be moved free of charge up to 48 hours in advance, after which time you forfeit the fees paid and will need to book and pay for another appointment.

Please arrive on time for your appointment, if you arrive late we may not be able to see you and you will need to book and pay for another appointment.

Book an appointment

Please read the following information fully so that you understand what is required when contacting us:

  1. Is your wedding/civil partnership due to take place within the next twelve months? 
  2. Do you pay your council tax to The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead at your home address? (you will need to check this yourselves).
  3. Do you need an appointment to give notice?

If yes, to all three, please make sure that you have all the details to hand when emailing to book an appointment:

  • In the subject line please put: your names, date, place and time of marriage/civil partnership and a daytime telephone number.
  • Please put ‘appointment to give notice’ in the body of the email.
  • We will then call you as soon as possible, to book your appointment and take the statutory fees by credit/debit card over the phone. Please note that our call to you may show on your phone as ‘private number’ or ‘number withheld’.

Book an appointment

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