Work to start soon to help improve road safety in Maidenhead neighbourhood

This image is a street view of Norfolk Park

Responses to a consultation on proposals to improve road safety at Norfolk Park, a neighbourhood north of Maidenhead town centre and Kidwells Park, have shown that the majority of residents are in support.

The work will introduce traffic calming at four of the entry and exit points to the neighbourhood. The specific measures are continuous pavement crossings for pedestrians across the roads, which will help to prioritise those on foot over traffic and help to reduce the speed vehicles approach the junctions and turn into the streets. Additionally, the speed limit will be reduced to 20mph on the residential streets. All the entrances/exits to the neighbourhood will remain open to vehicles under the project once they have been rebuilt.

As a result of the consultation, the council will begin works in week commencing Monday 3 June on the first junction – the junction of Craufurd Rise, Norfolk Road and Cordwallis Road. Temporary traffic lights will be used to keep this junction open whilst works are undertaken. The other junction improvements will be scheduled for later in the year.

We will monitor the effectiveness of the new junctions once built. Residents also highlighted as part of the consultation other issues such as parking on Cordwallis Road and the lack of a crossing over the A308 near the railway bridge. The council will look at options for how these issues might be addressed in the future, subject to feasibility and funding.