We welcome your feedback to develop the Corporate Plan  


Public consultation on the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead’s new draft Corporate Plan starts today (2 August).

The draft Corporate Plan sets out the headline areas where the council needs to drive change the most during the next five years. At its heart, is making sure everyone in the borough has the best chance in life.

The consultation is due to run until Sunday 12 September. 

Councillor Andrew Johnson, leader of the council, said: “Our Corporate Plan is pivotal because it will focus our energies on those issues in the Royal Borough that must be improved for the benefit of all our residents. 

“It’s an essential component of good governance as it sets out, at the highest level, the council’s strategic direction and focus.

“The Royal Borough is largely a healthy, safe, affluent, and pleasant place to live, work and visit. Our role as a council, working with partners across all sectors, is to ensure this continues to be the case.

“There are however some challenges in the borough. Housing, physical, and digital infrastructures are key in shaping people’s lives, wellbeing, communities, and the economy. Our residents, for example, face acute housing costs so finding sustainable rented accommodation and getting onto the housing ladder, is hard for many. There are pockets of deprivation and different needs within different neighbourhoods. These inequalities must be addressed if everyone is to have the best chance in life. 

“We must also change the way we do things - become a council helping our communities as partners to build on their strengths and potential, rather than doing it to them. This approach means we could focus our resources on those needing the most help as well as safeguard our existing services. Creating a clean, sustainable, and biodiverse environment must also guide our decision-making.

“This is why we urge our residents, partners and businesses to share their views on this draft Plan framework before we develop the full Plan.”

The consultation is available on our online consultation platform RBWM Together - https://rbwmtogether.rbwm.gov.uk/rbwm-corporate-plan-consultation - with support also available in Royal Borough libraries if people need assistance in completing it.

The feedback from this consultation will help inform the development of the draft Plan before it goes to Full Council in October. If it is agreed, it would then go to Full Council in November to be considered for adoption. 

Cabinet approved the consultation on 22 July. Please note, all Cabinet decisions are subject to the call-in procedure which can take place up to five days after a meeting’s minutes are published.