Statement from the Leader regarding increases in COVID-19 cases - Monday 12 October 2020


Councillor Andrew Johnson, leader of the council, says: “We are aware of the Prime Minister’s announcement today and we are waiting for further information to find out how it impacts our community. 

In the meantime, it is really important that residents in the borough take action as the number of COVID-19 cases are rising quickly.

“Over the last two weeks the number of weekly rolling average cases has more than tripled and if behaviour does not change we will need tighter restrictions to get numbers back under control. 
“What is clear is a significant number of people are behaving responsibly and observing the rules - thank you - but a large number are not. We are aware of people not isolating even when they have symptoms and parents who send their children to school even after a positive test.
“The problem is being driven by people who should know better, people who think the rules don't apply to them, people who think the problem is everyone else and people who think their routine or needs are more important than everyone else's safety and livelihoods.
“Local businesses have - in the main – been scrupulous in the measures they have taken. Yet, if people don't change their behaviour and show they care about their friends and families, it will be those businesses that close.
It is not the council's job to stop people behaving in this way, it is time those who choose to bend the rules realise they are the problem.”
Our weekly rate (starting 28 September) is currently 79.9 cases per 100,000 (this rate was three times higher than the rate we saw in the borough for the week commencing 14 September) and is higher than the average rate across the South East. 


Cases broken down by day in 2020

Date Cases confirmed
(based on specimen date)
Total confirmed
cases (cumulative)
7 day rolling average of cases
24-September 6 659 38
25-September 7 666 38
26-September 5 671 41
27-September 9 680 48
28-September 7 687 46
29-September 23 710 63
30-September 15 725 72
1-October 16 741 82
2-October 20 761 95
3-October* 22 783 112
4-Ocober* 18 801 121
5-October* 17 818 131
6-October* 18 836 126

*Data from the last four days (3 October onwards) should be viewed as incomplete.

Weekly case rate in 2020

Week commencing RBWM cases
(Pillar 1 and 2)
RBWM Rate/100,000 South East Rate/100,000 England
24 August  21 13.9 8.1 14.3
31 August  31 20.5 13.7 27.1
7 September 68 44.9 12.5 34.1
14 September 28 18.5 12.8 47.5
21 September 48 31.7 22.3 70.8
28 September 121 79.9 44.0 122.9
5 October * 35      

*Data from the last four days (3 October onwards) should be viewed as incomplete.

Source: Public Health for Berkshire