Statement from the Leader regarding increases in COVID-19 cases – Friday 16 October 2020


Councillor Andrew Johnson, leader of the council, says: “Our COVID cases are increasing at a worrying and alarming rate. 

“We were placed in the medium tier but due to the rapid rise we will be asking Government to consider moving us to the High tier next week.

“This means there will be further restrictions on our lives which mean we won’t be able to see our friends or loved ones indoors, we won’t be able to visit our parents or partners in care homes (unless in exceptional circumstances) and we will all need to work from home where we can as now.

“We all need to take responsibility and act now before we move into the very high tier which is a real risk if we don’t put a stop to the spread of the virus. This will have a damaging impact on you, our local businesses and our local economy.

“We urge everyone to consider their actions in whatever setting, seeing friends at home, visiting the shops, picking up children on the school run or eating out. We all need to consider our actions to stop the spread."

Latest data shows there are 110.9 cases per 100,000 in the borough, with 168 new cases reported for the week of 5-11 October.