Statement from the leader of the council on the latest COVID-19 government announcement


Councillor Andrew Johnson, leader of the council, said: “Following the Prime Minister’s announcement this afternoon, outlining the next stages moving out of lockdown, I’m pleased for our residents who’ve done a remarkable job sticking to the restrictions, and for our businesses eager to reopen and welcome us all back.

“As with communities across the country, this past year in the Royal Borough has been tough for everyone - and at times seemed unending - as we all pulled together in the fight against this terrible pandemic.

“The light at the end of tunnel is within our grasp but now is not the moment to let all our efforts and sacrifices be undone. COVID-19 is not yet beaten and will only remain under control if we all remain firm following the safety behaviours that helped us reach this point. Free community and home testing will also play a key part, and our schemes are already up and running. Find out how to access your free testing on our website.
“During the next few weeks and months let’s be compassionate with one another and pull together safely to restore the relationships with our loved ones, and repair and revitalise our local economy. My Royal Borough has launched a campaign to give our town centres, high streets, retailers, independents, and small businesses, historic, cultural and arts organisations, and markets a boost. If you're a business owner, or know someone who is, find out more about #Don’tLetYourGuardDown on the My Royal Borough website. I have every faith the Royal Borough will come through this stronger and even more vibrant than before.”

For full details about the lockdown restrictions being eased from the 12 April, visit the government’s website.
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