Statement about Maidenhead Golf Course site


In a joint statement, Councillor Andrew Johnson, Council Leader and Cabinet member for Property, and Councillor David Coppinger, Cabinet member for Planning, Environmental Services, and Maidenhead, said: “We are pleased to announce that the exchange of contracts on lease surrender agreement has taken place with Maidenhead Golf Club with respect to the Golf Course site. This agreement allows the club to remain in occupation until December 2025 while ensuring we can bring forward in a timely manner a significant development site that’s so crucial to meeting a significant proportion of the community’s housing need in a strategic way, delivering a sustainable new urban extension as part of the next phase of Maidenhead’s regeneration. The site offers a highly sustainable location, which, once complete, will deliver more than 2,000 desperately needed homes, with 30% of the properties being affordable, in addition to a new primary and secondary school, and a community hub. It’s a critical part of the Borough Local Plan, which has now been independently assessed as sound by an independent Planning Inspector. The Royal Borough is currently 83% green belt and while a fraction of greenbelt development is needed to meet local housing need, 82% will still remain green belt. This site allocation will therefore accommodate future population growth while preventing speculative development across the borough, including on green belt land elsewhere, while opening-up significant areas of green space for public access, improve walking and cycling connectivity for residents. We would like to thank all those involved in getting us to this important stage and we look forward to commending the Borough Local Plan for formal adoption next Tuesday.”