Residents reminded of upcoming road closures for safe demolition of former car park


The Royal Borough is reminding people that road closures, required to complete the safe demolition of Maidenhead’s former Broadway multi-storey car park, will start from Monday 13 May.

Cabinet agreed last year to the demolition of the multi-storey building, to remove the safety risks posed by the failed structure, while reducing the potential for anti-social behaviour and town centre blight.

This will require, firstly, a partial road closure of Broadway, and then a full closure to enable the spiral ramp and staircase tower to be safely removed, ensuring pedestrians and vehicles stay a safe distance from these major demolition works.

The below dates were first announced back in February, with the council now issuing a timely reminder as preparatory works get underway this week (w/c 6 May). The road will remain fully open this week.

From Monday 13 May to Monday 3 June, a lane closure will be in place on Broadway, while the spiral ramp is demolished, to ensure a safe distance is maintained for passing traffic and pedestrians.

This will include the closure of the current designated Broadway access lane (adjacent directly to the former car park) with the right-hand lane along Broadway being open to enable traffic to continue to access the town centre.

Then a full road closure on Broadway will be required from Tuesday 4 to Thursday 13 June, daily between 9am to 3pm (though with no weekend closures) in order to enable the safe demolition of the staircase tower. The footway on the opposite side will remain open though.

A diversion for motorists will be in place during this time via A4 Frascati Way, A4 Bad Godesberg Way, A4 St Clouds Way, Forlease Road, Bridge Road and High Street.

Councillor Geoff Hill, Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “These closures are necessary to remove the failed structure safely and we first announced the dates back in February to give people plenty of notice.

“As with any large-scale demolition project in a busy built-up area, there is likely to be some unavoidable disruption to undertake these works safely, but we’re striving to minimise this though taking a phased approach to closures and avoiding full closure at the weekends.

“To help manage the impacts, we’ll be engaging with businesses and residents ahead of the full road closure so that they can find out more and ask any questions. I would again like to thank everyone for their ongoing patience, and for continuing to play their part for Maidenhead town centre by shopping locally and supporting traders.”

As a result of the road closure weekdays between 4 and 13 June the following bus routes will be affected:

  • Thames Valley Buses routes 3, 7, 8, 9, 16, 53, 234, 235, 238 and 239 will not call at Broadway, Market St, Library, Queen St, York Rd East bus stops between 9am and 3pm, but will outside these times. All other stops served as usual. 
  • Arriva route 7 and Red Eagle Buses route 63 will only pick up from Frascati Way stop S1/S2 and turn at the roundabout south of the station, at all times, not just between 9am and 3pm.
  • ‘Where to catch your bus’ information will be posted at all bus stops to help people find the right stop, in addition to extra signage explaining which buses are calling where during this period