Council launches climate change campaign to cut borough’s carbon footprint


A four-week climate change campaign promoting steps that will help the borough reach its carbon emissions target has been launched.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday 22 April) in celebration of Earth Day, the Royal Borough will share ideas for how people can positively change their behaviour and reduce their carbon footprint, as well as showcasing local businesses and organisations who are doing their bit to help. Some simple choices can have a great impact.  

The council has committed to achieving a target of net zero carbon emissions in the borough by 2050, in line with the Government policy.

The campaign will focus on:
•    reducing single use plastic
•    reducing energy usage in homes and buildings
•    protecting nature and the role the natural world can play in helping us fight climate change
•    reducing carbon emissions from travel, for example encouraging people to drive less and cycle and walk more.

Councillor Donna Stimson, cabinet member for climate change, sustainability, parks and countryside, said: “Our campaign will be a celebration of practical action and local successes as well as an opportunity for residents and our local businesses to get involved. 

“Our Environment and Climate Strategy, which was adopted in December, makes it clear that collaboration and engagement is key. We have asked key stakeholders and partners what areas we could focus on during this month and I am delighted with their feedback. It will take the combined efforts of businesses, industry, residents and community groups to deliver the action that is necessary to tackle climate change. 

“Earth Day offers us an opportunity to build on this and make protecting our environment, and ourselves, a priority. 

“The future of our planet is in everyone’s hands, and if we are to achieve our target of net zero carbon emissions, we all need to work together.”

Our Environment and Climate Strategy sets out our vision and five-year action plan, to 2025, for embarking on this challenge and followed the declaration of an environment and climate emergency by the council in June 2019.

Public involvement and the ideas, insights and actions put forward at workshops and at a consultation were key in forming the strategy.

Go online for more information, or to read the strategy.