Borough moves a step closer to net carbon zero emissions


The borough has moved a step closer to net carbon zero emissions, following adoption of the Environment and Climate Strategy for the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. 

The strategy was created following the council’s environment and climate emergency declaration and builds on its vision to create a borough of opportunity and innovation.

A series of community workshops were held along with an eight-week public consultation on the draft strategy.
The strategy sets out the council’s vision and strategic framework to achieve our net-zero-carbon-emissions target. It is made up of four strategic themes:

•    circular economy - more sustainable resource use, increasing recycling rates and supporting less resource-intensive lifestyles
•    energy - reducing consumption, decarbonising our supply of energy and increasing local renewable generation
•    natural environment - supporting biodiversity, health and wellbeing
•    transport - reducing the need for carbon intensive travel by encouraging walking and cycling, as well as investing in digital infrastructure

Councillor Donna Stimson, lead member for climate change, sustainability, parks and countryside said: “The future of our planet is in everyone’s hands, and if we are to achieve our target of net zero carbon emissions, we all need to work together. 

“That’s why the council declared a climate change emergency in June 2019, and it’s why the first draft of the plan was written by a cross-party councillor working group, with important input from individuals and key stakeholders in the community. 

“Public involvement has been a cornerstone in this whole process and the ideas, insights and actions that the workshops and the consultation captured were of great importance in the formation of the new strategy. 

“This is an important step in our plans to tackle climate change and we’re very much looking forward to implementing the strategy and to making positive, sustainable changes in the Royal Borough.” 

The strategy was approved at Cabinet in December 2020. To read it click here.