Oldfield Road roundabout

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The proposal aims to improve traffic flow and alleviate congestion on the approach arms. To achieve this, it is proposed to convert the existing roundabout into a signal-controlled junction, thereby regulating and improving the control of traffic. 

The proposed interventions will provide capacity improvements on all arms, with significant benefits to Oldfield Road. Queuing currently occurs on Oldfield Road as a consequence of high vehicle volumes and the roundabout priority arrangements preventing vehicles entering the roundabout. Signalising the junction will enable traffic to be controlled and balanced, with adequate time allocated to Oldfield Road to alleviate queuing.

Prohibiting the right turn movement from A4 Bridge Road into Lassell Gardens, and the left turn movement from Lassell Gardens into A4 Bridge Road provides for a more efficient junction that allows signal controlled pedestrian crossings on all arms. Access to and from the A4 Bridge Road and Lassell Gardens is maintained from the south and west. Eastbound traffic still have access via Ray Drive and A4 Bridge Road southbound (on turning round at the Forlease Road roundabout).

The existing junction does not accommodate formalised, safe pedestrian and cycle crossing provision. By providing new signalised pedestrian and cycle crossings on all arms of the junction, the proposal shall present significant benefits to pedestrians and cyclists. A raised table will be provided, on Ray Drive, at its junction with the A4 Bridge Road to aid pedestrians and cyclists to cross the wide junction more easily (without significant gradient changes). The proposal for the junction improvement will not impact on the surrounding verges and planting.

The drawings for the scheme are available to view.


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