Cycling Action Plan

Developed in partnership with the cycle forum and other key partners, the Cycling Action Plan sets out the council’s priorities for investment in cycling for the next 10 years.

It is designed to encourage more of our residents, commuters and visitors to choose cycling as an everyday form of transport, as well as for leisure and fitness. It also sets ambitious targets for:

  • increasing the number of cycling trips;
  • cutting the number of cyclists who are involved in crashes on our roads; and
  • increasing residents’ satisfaction with cycling facilities.

A key focus of the action plan is construction of a network of cycle routes connecting residential areas to destinations across the Royal Borough, such as shops, offices and schools. The action plan also recognises the need to coordinate with neighbouring authorities to better cater for cross-boundary trips.

If more people are to be encouraged to cycle, it is important to ensure that there is enough secure cycle parking at destinations. The action plan identifies existing destinations where new / additional cycling is required. Cycle parking will also be incorporated into designs for new developments.

In addition to catering for local journeys, we recognise that cycling needs to be better integrated with rail travel. We will therefore be working with partners in the rail industry to improve routes to local stations and provide secure, covered cycle parking at stations to help create seamless end-to-end journeys for local residents.

The plan acknowledges that infrastructure improvements must be supported by a programme of other measures such as improved information, training and support to ensure that people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to make the switch to travelling by bike.

Clearly, the council cannot achieve all of this alone, and we will therefore seek to work closely with our partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors wherever possible. 

Finally, we recognise that if we are to achieve our ambitious targets then this will require additional funding. As well as seeking to make effective use of existing council funds, we will seek to secure external funds wherever possible. 

We have already secured funding through the Thames Valley Berkshire, including £3.75 million for improvements at Maidenhead Station. As part of this scheme, we will deliver a new cycle parking facility at the station with 300 spaces as well as improved crossings and connections between the station and the town centre. 

We have also secured just over £2.2 million for ‘Maidenhead Missing Links’, which will provide improved cycling and walking routes between residential communities in North Maidenhead and the town centre getting cyclists safely across the Waterways and the A4.

We will continue to identify and bid for additional funding as opportunities arise.